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Welcome to the Municipal District of Big Lakes, Alberta, Canada! We hope that you will find our web pages useful and informative. We have tried to provide you with plenty of information on our municipal government and our district.

The M.D. of Big Lakes can be found in west central northern Alberta. The M.D. encompasses almost 15,000 square kilometers of area with a population of 5,912. We have a diverse region, characterized by farmland, lush forests, and big lakes, of course. Our main industries include forestry, oil and gas, and agriculture. Lesser Slave Lake, Utikuma Lake, Winagami Lake, and Snipe Lake are the largest lakes lying within the M.D.'s boundaries, which offer wonderful opportunities for camping, fishing and the ultimate outdoor experience!

Look to the M.D. of Big Lakes and you will also find economic prospects combined with an atmosphere conducive to those seeking quiet rural living with all amenities close at hand.

On behalf of the M.D. of Big Lakes Council and staff, thank you for visiting us!


Ken Matthews
Municipal District of Big Lakes

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MD Big Lakes

The Municipal District of Big Lakes is a rural community of 5,912 people living in Northern Alberta. The area encompases the north, south, and western shores of Lesser Slave Lake, the vast expanse of forest (including the large oil field) surrounding the Town of Swan Hills, the agricultural lands around the Town of High Prairie, Winagami Lake and the northeastern shores of Snipe Lake. The M.D. includes the hamlets of Grouard, Enilda, Joussard, Faust, and Kinuso.

Seasonal residents enjoy lakeside recreation and scenic views with historical points of interest around the bend.  The peace of nature couples with the excitement of industry so that opportunity abounds in a place with the space to dream.

The MD of Big Lakes is So much more than Water!