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County Airports

Big Lakes County operates two local airports: the High Prairie Airport and the Swan Hills Airport.  Each airport is a General Aviation Airport.  Airports using small aircraft, whether fixed wing or rotary wing, for private, corporate or commercial purposes including recreation, flying training, private transportation or other specialty purposes (excluding scheduled air service), unit toll air service or other air service where the air carrier or its agents sells seating capacity seat by seat to more than one passenger or entity.  These local airports are an integral asset to the region:

  • Play a significant role in alternate for-air ambulance operations
  • Offer a wide range of services for private and commercial operations in both fixed and rotary-wing
  • Increase recreational flying opportunities
  • Serve fire and rescue training
  • Play a strategic role in the Northern Community Network
  • Compliment the larger Airports to “help insure the safe and efficient operation of the larger international airports they serve by diverting small, general aviation recreational and training aircraft away from larger airport.” (National Airports Policy, Transport Canada 1994)


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