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Coal Gasification

Coal (2)The MD of Big Lakes will be home to the first of its kind
In-Situ Coal Gasification ("ISCG") and CO2 sequestering Project in North America for Swan Hills Synfuels. The Swan Hills Synfuels ISCG/Power Project ("Project") will integrate ISCG technology with carbon capture and storage to create a clean low-carbon syngas that will fuel a new 340 MW combined cycle power generation facility located in the Swan Hills area [within the MD of Big Lakes], of Alberta.


The Project will use ISCG to tap deep, stranded coal to produce syngas that will be processed in a conventional gas plant to remove CO2 as a byproduct stream. The syngas will then be used in a combined cycle power generation station to produce low emissions electricity. The captured CO2 will be sold to enhanced oil recovery customers in the Swan Hills area.


Coal (1)The ISCG process combined with carbon capture and storage has excellent environmental attributes, including significantly reduced CO2 emissions, non-fresh water use in the gasification process and minimal surface disturbance. The clean gas from the ISCG process, when used for fuel for power generation, creates an efficient power generation facility that has a dramatically better emissions profile than existing coal-fired power. The emission profile for the syngas fueled power plant is similar to that of natural gas-fired power generation.
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