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Permit Info

Road Use Permits

Permission is required from Big Lakes County for all overweight and/or over dimensional loads traveling on roads under the control and management of the County (including Township & Range Roads). The County Public Works Department is responsible for issuing all road use permits.

For more information or to obtain a permit please call 780-523-5955 (24 hours).


Provincial Permits are only valid for Provincial Highways and can be obtained from Alberta Transportation by calling the Central Permit Office at:

Toll Free – 1-800-662-7138
Local Calls – 403-324-7128
Fax – 403-340-5278


Fire Permits

Fire permits are required from April 1 to October 31 and will be issued by County Fire Guardians.  To request a Fire Permit please contact your area fire guardian or contact the County Office.

Should you have any questions, please contact Fire Chief Leo Tobin at the Joussard Municipal Services Building (780) 776-0007.


Noise Permits

According to the Noise Control Bylaw #7-99, a permit may be issued for the use of loudspeakers, public address systems or other devices for the amplification of sound or musical instruments or devices or the like with conditions such that the noise created will not unduly interfere with the health, peace and safety of others.

There will be no blanket permits issued, the permit must be for a specific event.

To obtain a permit please call the County Office during regular business hours at 780-523-5955.


Land Use Development Permits

As per the Land Use and Development Bylaw, please contact the Director of Planning & Development at the County Office during regular business hours at 780-523-5955.