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Water Hookups

Procedural Guidelines for New Water Hook-Up Applications


1. Customer is applying for hookups & the service connections to the lot are in place

Were local improvements charged on the lot? (check LIP register: local improvements may have been charged against the lot and subsequently been paid out)

    Yes - No Hookup Fee
    No -$15,000 Water
           $ 7,000 Sewer 

    Condominium Developments
    $7,000 Water
    $4,000 Sewer

2. Customer is applying for hookups & there are no service connections to the lot

  • Local improvement charges on the lot are not taken into consideration. 
    (Off-site levies on newly sub-divided lots are considered to offset a portion of costs related to water/sewer infrastructure.)
  • The customer is responsible for actual costs of constructing the service connections.The customer must pre-pay a $2500 deposit;
    • The customer’s choice of contractor must be pre-approved by County staff;
    • The service connections must be inspected by County staff upon completion;
    • Upon approval of construction, the customer’s deposit will be refunded.

3. Customer is applying and the property is not served by a water/sewer main

  • The customer will have to assume costs required to install the water/sewer mains;
  • The customer will have to pay to have the service connections installed;
  • Contact the County Utility Department for further information;


1. Customer is connecting to County Main Lines

    $15,000 fee for capital infrastructure costs plus cost of service connection (as noted above)

2. Customer is connecting to Water Co-op Lines

  • The customer must apply to the appropriate water co-op;
  • Co-ops will charge their standard hook-up fee;
  • Co-ops will advise the County of the new customer.