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History and Museums

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Native Cultural Arts Museum

The Northern Lakes College Native Cultural Arts Museum was established in 1976 when the late G.W. Craig, with the assistance of the late and esteemed Mary Periard, founded the Native Cultural Heritage Program at the former AVC Grouard. The original purpose of the museum was to promote a better understanding of Aboriginal arts and crafts with the objective of developing the creative achievements of artists and craftspersons in northwestern Alberta. Visitors will see cultural clothing displays that portray traditional and contemporary styles, decorative arts, jewelry, birch bark products, carvings, textiles, tools and more. Recently the museum has returned the Aboriginal subject matter focus to the Woodlands and Northern peoples – the Cree, Metis, Beaver, Slavey, Dene and Inuit.  
In addition, however, Grouard has a long, rich and complex history. Other relevant historical information  with roots in Grouard and area include the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Northwest Mounted Police, the missionaries and the settlers. During the summer organized children’s craft programs are offered at the museum.

For further information or to book a tour please call 780-751-3306.



St. Bernard’s Mission

Adjoining the Native Cultural Arts Museum in Grouard is the historic St. Bernards Mission st  bernards interiorsite. St. Bernard’s Mission Church and Cemetery, a certified Provincial Historic Site, often brings visitors interested in religion and art.  Tours are available by contacting the museum.The beautifully constructed Catholic church, completed in 1902, provides insight into an important feature of First Nation and mission history of the region. With many artistic and religious artefacts in tact, Bishop’s art, and a preserved cemetery site below the church housing the tombstones of Bishops, nuns, and priests , visitors are given a glimpse into a complex and compelling part of history.

For more information please contact (780) 751-3306.


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Kinosayo Museum

Located just outside of the hamlet of Kinuso, the Kinosayo Museum gives visitors a glimpse into life during the pioneer days. Locally contributed collections and a strong commitment to preservation make the Kinosayo Museum an inviting and educational experience. With over 5000 articles the collection includes aspects of native culture, pioneer life, the logging industry, Ukrainian culture, and agricultural developments in the region.

For more information contact (780) 775-3774.



High Prairie & District Museum

Located in the Town of High Prairie, the High Prairie & District Museum & Historical Society has sought to educate visitors about the local culture of the area. With life-like displays, visitors can experience everything from what it was like to own a general store, spin wool, or camp in the wilderness.

For more information visit the Alberta Museums Association or call (780) 523-2601.



Pioneer Thresherman’s Museum

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Located 15 km west of High Prairie, at the Triangle junction of Highway 2 and 2A, the Pioneer Thresherman’s Association is committed to commemorating the bygone era. With many smaller agricultural artefacts housed in a museum, visitors will be impressed with the display of pioneer days.

For more information visit