Length of County Roads: 1327km

Services & Programs Public Works provides:

  • agriculture rental equipment
  • airport operation and maintenance
  • approach construction
  • asphalt crack sealing and line painting
  • bridge repair and maintenance
  • brushing
  • culvert maintenance
  • ditch mowing
  • ditch spraying
  • ditching
  • dust control
  • gravelling
  • private driveway grading/ snow ploughing
  • road allowance leasing
  • road construction/ re-construction
  • road grading/snow ploughing
  • road permitting
  • signage
  • waste management

When winter hits, nearly 700 snowplows and other snow removal equipment, such as graders, work to keep Alberta’s highways clear and open to traffic. Snowplow operators are committed to maintaining safe winter driving conditions, but drivers have a role to play too.

Click here for winter driving tips.

Private Driveway Snowplowing and Private Driveway Grading:

Please be advised that effective May 27, 2020 the rates for both Private Driveway Snowplowing and Private Driveway Grading will increase as follows:

  • Driveway Snowplowing and Driveway Grading will be charged at the current County rates with a minimum charge of $74.00 and is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Council.
  • Driveway Snowplowing and Driveway Grading after the first ½ hour will be charged at a rate of $148.00 per hour.