Big Lakes County, formerly the M.D. of Big Lakes, is located in northern Alberta, Canada and neighbours the Town of High Prairie, the Town of Swan Hills, as well as First Nations and Metis Settlements. Big Lakes is made up of 1,213,056 hectares of land that is divided into 9 wards. During the municipal election (that happens every four years, the last one being in 2017) a councillor is elected in each ward.

Under the Municipal Government Act, Division of municipality into wards

148(1) Unless otherwise provided for in a bylaw under this section, when a municipality is divided into wards

  1. Only an elector who is resident in the ward may vote for a councillor in that ward and
  2. Councilors are elected for each ward.

Once the councilors are elected they appoint a Reeve and Deputy Reeve.

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. If you would like to address council during a meeting, you can do so by completing an application to appear as a delegation or by contacting the Big Lakes County Administration Office at 780-523-5955.




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