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Big Lakes County, situated in the north, is a welcoming and thriving community. Located just a few hours north of Alberta’s major cities; our residents enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors. With a service area population of 17,440, Big Lakes expands over 13,942 square kilometers and neighbors the Towns of High Prairie and Swan Hills, as well as First Nations and Métis Settlements.

We are proud of our beautiful lakes, forests, and rolling countryside. We are equally proud our diverse and talented workforce who’ve helped to expand opportunities in Big Lakes. We have an abundance of natural resources – agriculture, forestry, and oil and gas that continues to expand and strengthen our economy. We’ve also just scratched the surface in exploring opportunities in transportation and logistics, tourism, education, construction, health, retail, and Information and communications technology (ICT). Possibilities are endless in Big Lakes for those with the vision to help see them grow.

If you drive through Big Lakes County, you’ll undoubtedly think it’s beautiful. What you won’t get a feel for by passing through is how diverse and dynamic our county truly is. Don’t just take our word for it watch this action-packed video for a glimpse into what is going on in Big Lakes County. Ask anyone who lives here, does business here, visits, or invests; once you experience us, we’re certain you’ll be inspired to #GoBigLakes.


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